Within its short period of existence, the FA has a number of
remarkable accomplishments on its records. The most important,
at least the one most appreciated by members is perhaps its effect an
price stabilization. Because of the very existence of an alternative for
supply and marketing, at least for a number of products, middlemen
had to adjust their prices to the offers of the FA. This was achieved
although the share in the total business turnover of the area was very
limited, and is the most important factor for the positive attitude of
farmers towards the FA.

This holds true for most FAs and the stabilization of prices is perhaps the greatest success so far. It is remarkable that this has been achieved already in spite of the small share in the turnover.

Besides the effect on prices, the mere organization of market for a number of products and inputs is an important accomplishment in itself. To obtain fertilizers of the right kind, at the right time, is no problem any more for the farmers, and the same is true for chemicals. At least for some products, the marketing has also been arranged and this means an important improvement as compared with former times.

The fact that most FAs own one or more lorries is important in this connection. The transportation business provided income, gave access to markets and made independents from forwarding agents.

The FA had a certain influence on farm operations by advertising and supplying the right kind of fertilizers and chemicals and informing the farmers an their proper use. Another way of influencing is to sell seedlings of improved varieties and advocate the diversification of tree crops along the lines suggested by the Department of Agriculture. Some of these projects, for instance the extension of passion fruit cultivation, would not have been possible without the organization and management of the FA.

A number of Area FAs in the rice area own several power tillers. This improves the soil cultivation, reduces the number of draught animals and controls the prices asked by private owners of power tillers for hire to customers.

To a limited extent, the FA has assisted in meeting the credit requirements of its members.

In practice, the aim of integrating services has been materialized to quite an extent. Supply, credit and advisory work are linked together; advertisement of new crops is related with arrangements for marketing, etc.

Finally, the FA provided the local infrastructure to implement government policy and to channel information. This important service rendered to the government justifies perhaps the share assumed by the government in the running expenses of the FA as it pays the salaries of the staff members.

The accomplishments mentioned so far are important and the more remarkable since the FA has been existing for about four years only and since, during this short period, all the organizational work involved in establishing such an institution had to be undertaken. The FA has proceeded to quite an extent with its aim to assist its members in technical and economic matters which cannot be coped with by the individual so that farmers are freed from these tasks and can concentrate an production. By its activities, the FA accelerates the process of modernization and commercialization of agriculture which will lead to a better standard of living for the farming population.