Sitemap 4

The Concept of integrated Rural Development

1 Introduction
2 Basic Issues of the Concept of Integrated Rural Development
2a Rural development is part of the overall socio-economic development
2b Development is a system of interrelated social change
2c Agriculture has a multitude of functions in the development process
2d Agricultural development is one aspect of rural development
3 Aspects of Implementation of Integrated Rural Development Policy
3a Components of integrated rural development
3b Differentiation in time and space
3c Area development as example of integrated rural development
3d Decentralization and participation
4 Literature

Multiple employment in Asian agriculture

1 The Extent of Multiple Employment
2 Forms of Multiple Employment
3 Consequences of Multiple Employment

The Comilla Approach to Rural Development

1 Context
2 Organization and Objectives of the Project
3 The Comilla Approach to Rural Development
3.a The new rural cooperative system for Comilla Thana
3.b The new rural administration scheme
3.c The organization of intensive training
3.d Integration of administration, cooperatives and training at the Thana Training and Development Centre
3.e Other activities
4 Critical Appraisal of the Results Obtained
4.a Impact an small farmers
4.b Impact an larger farmers
4.c Impact an landless labourers
4.d Impact an development policy
4.e Cost of the project
4.f The leadership problem
4.g The lesson of the Comilia approach

Evidence and Implications for Rural and Agricultural Development Policy

0 Introduction
1 Types of Farms in the 50s
2 Types of Farms around 1990
3 Implications for Development Policy
4 Conclusions

The Development of Man-Land Relations in Asia

0 Introduction
1 Man-Land Relations in Early History
2 Man-Land Relations in Pre-colonial Times
3 Man-Land Relations under Colonial Rule
4 Man-Land Relations after Independence
5 Man-Land Relations at the Beginning of Industrialization
6 Conclusions
7 Summary

Concepts for the Development of the Third World A Review of the Changing Thoughts between 1945 and 1985

0 Introduction
1 Initial Efforts 1945 - 1960
2 First Development Decade 1960 - 1970
3 Second Development Decade 1970 - 1980
4 Concepts from recent years
5 Conclusion
6 Summary
7 Zusammenfassung
8 References

The Role of Agricultural Colleges in Modern Society

0 Introduction
1 The role of agriculture in modern society
2 The role of universities in modern society
2.1 The process of planned socioeconomic Development brings new and additional roles
2.2 The universities in developing countries work under different conditions
3 Teaching in a modern college of agriculture
3.1 Practice versus theory - oriented training
3.2 Broad training versus specialization
3.3 Training with disciplinary focus versus job training
4 Research at a modern college of agriculture
4.1 Basic versus applied research
4.2 Monodisciplinary versus interdisciplinary research
4.3 Financing agricultural research
5 Summary
6 Zusammenfassung
7 Annotations

Institutional Aspects of Agricultural Development in Liberia

1 Selected Characteristics of Liberian Agriculture
1.1 Geography, climate, soil
1.2 Pattern of Agricultural Production
2 Existing Institutional Support for Agriculture
2.1 Marketing
2.2 Transport
2.3 Credit
2.4 Extension Service
2.5 Training Facilities in Agriculture
2.6 Local Administration
2.7 Agricultural Policy and Programmes
3 Basic Considerations in Developing a Strategy for Rural

4 Outline of Institutional Aspects of a Rural Development Strategy
4.1 Explanation of the Rural Development Approach
4.2 A "County Training and Development Center" for the Regional Implemeutation of Rural Development
4.3 Coordination at Local and National Level
5 Training Requirements for the Implementation of Rural Development
6 Summary
7 Zusammenfassung
8 References

Socio-Economic Aspects of Sustainable Agricultural Development:
The question of Attitudes and Personal Interests of different Population Groups

1 The Notions of Sustainability
2 The Socio-economic Differentiation of Land-cultivating Families
3 Sustainability in the Views of Different Land-Cultivating Catagories
4 Requirement to Reach a General Acceptance of Sustainability
5 Summary

The Last 50 Years of Man - Land Relations Changes in Issues, Priorities and Viewpoints

1 Introduction
2 Agrarian Reforms
3 The farm size - productivity issue
4 On land ownership and tenancy
5 Changing functions of land
6 Towards more rule of the law
7 Land tenure and socio-economic development

The Issue of Agrarian Reform at the Current Stage of Turkey's Socio-Economic Development

1 Introduction
2 Regional Differences in Turkish Agriculture
3 Socio-economic Differentiation of Turkish Agriculture
4 Agrarian Reform at the Current Stage of Development
5 Summary