6. Important Developments in Land Tenure, Land Management and Man-Land Relations


6.1 Changes in Human Relations

6.1.1 Reduction of Dependences
6.1.2 Establishment of the "Progressive Farmers"` Stratum
6.1.3 Increasing Organization of Target Groups

6.2 Changes in Income and in ist Distribution

6.2.1 Reduction in Farm Size
6.2.2 Phasing out Agriculture
6.2.3 Increasing Regional Differentiation

6. 3 Changes in Production and Productivity

6.3.1 Increase in Production and Productivity
6.3.2 Importance of Freedom in Land Management
6.3.3 Decline in Settlement Activities
6.3.4 Increasing Ecological Degradation

6.4 Development of Land Markets

6.4.1 Markets for Land Ownership Rights
6.4.2 Markets for Usufruct Rights
6.4.3 Land Market Regulations