2.1 The process of planned socioeconomic Development brings new and additional roles

A rapid improvement in the well-being of the population requires the streamlining of all available resources of a nation. The universities are among the most important of these resources. National development is the result of two simultaneous processes — growth and change, and both can be influenced decisively by science and technology in all its forms. This requires a university taking the leading role in the efforts for development and placing the needs of the development process at the center of its teaching activities. Among others, this would mean:

  • to relate training in contents, level and number to the requirement of the development process;
  • to concentrate research on problems related to the reality of the country and the needs of the development process;
  • to transform internationally available knowledge and make it available and applicable to local conditions;
  • to contribute to the discussion of development goals, the selection of means, and the evaluation of achievements;
  • to participate in a lively communication between university, the public, and politicians.

By fulfilling the above goals, the university would leave its ivory tower, become an instrument of national development policy and regain its social significance.