6. Abstract

The majority of agricultural households do not live from farming alone, but from a combination of agricultural and non-agricultural incomes. The mere size of most holdings makes this necessary: Two thirds of all holdings in the world are smaller than two hectares. Under normal circumstances this is not sufficient for guaranteeing a decent Irving for a family. Multiple employment has been increasing in recent times because of the constant distribution of land due to inheritance and the increasing number of non-agricultural jobs.

There are various forma of multiple empIoyment:

  • multiple employment by individuals
  • multiple employment within the household
  • "extended famlly economy"
  • multiple employment by remigration of urban population groups.

These forma of multiple employment have consequences for the interest people have in farming. Not all see their future in agriculture but aspire for other goals. As well, extension service and other support institutions have to adjust to different goals. All development measures have to ascertain whether multiple employment households are still interested in agriculture.