Development of Non-agricultural Activities

Increased agricultural production and more equal income distribution create a mass market and an effective demand for industrial products and services. Inversely, industrial products and services are necessary for rural development In order to particularly promote the development of rural areas, as many industries as possible should be established in the rural regions. To that end, tax incentives, especially for small and medium industries, can be of help. The more public institutions established in rural areas, the more attractive these regions will become for investors. Especially home industries offer numerous possibilities, e g.,in organizations of the cooperative type. The government can promote their establishment by supplying funds, by providing, vocational training institutes information and supporting marketing.

Especially during the periods when there is not much work to be done in agriculture, rural work programmes, can offer the opportunity of earning an additional income and, at the same time, of developing the infrastructure.

Such measures should be integrated in the general development plans and be implemented with the population collaborating in the planning. In some regions, there are areas that can be used to grow forests both to achieve ecological results as well as to provide fuel, wood, and fooder. Fisheries and aquaculture can also improve the income of small farmers.